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Car Amplifier Repairs

Is your car amplifier acting up or smoking? Does your car amplifier not work? Need car amplifier repairs? Hao’s TV Repair is here to help you fix or upgrade your amplifier or car audio system. We are full-fledged so accustomed to any models. Our technicians will troubleshoot on to the matter. We will additionally notice the wiped out and nearly defective elements that cause most of the intermittent issues, within which most services retailers cannot verify. Thus you’ll be able to get your Car amplifier fixed right, the primary time, and avoid damages by ignorance technicians making an attempt to explore.

Hao’s TV Repair resolves following Amplifier Issues

  • Protection Lights On
  • Broken RCA’s
  • Burnt Boards
  • Burnt Transistors
  • Smoking
  • Going On and Off
  • Repair Processors and Decks
  • No Power
  • Burnt Resistors
  • Burnt Marks On Board

We will resolve all such issues relates to car amplifiers. Contact Hao’s TV Repair for best services. For more information give us a call at 1-844-TVFIXED / (844) 883-4933


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