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How Much Does it Cost to fix a Cracked TV Screen?

How much does it cost to fix a cracked TV screen? Usually the costs are the same as a new TV, depending on the size of your television and brand. Having a cracked television screen can be a nightmare. However, such accidents can happen at any point in time and you will face a lot of stress in that kind of a situation. The biggest worry you will get is to figure out the exact amount that you will have to spend in order to repair the cracked television screen.

Costs to Fix Cracked TV Screen

How to avoid fixing a cracked TV screen?

As mentioned earlier, any person who owns a television might have to face this nightmare at any time during the life cycle of their TV. It only requires a few pounds of pressure in order to crack a fragile TV screen. Therefore, most of the careless acts you do at your home can lead you towards this frustrating scenario. The most common reasons that lead people towards cracked television screens include improper handling, throwing objects such as the television remote onto the screen, dropping the television on the ground and holding the television from its screen instead of the base.

Once the TV screen is cracked, you would see splotches and black streaks on it. In some cases, you would see colored areas and lines along with white large patches. The worse scenario out of all is to encounter a huge crack that runs across the screen.

Even if you have warranty, you will not be able to get the cracked television screen repaired for free, unless you have bought that option. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing a cracked television screen would cost as much as a brand new television. It is important to note that the cost of repairing a cracked television screen depends on the type of TV that you own. In fact, the television screens available out there can be divided into several categories such as LED, LCD and Plasma.

What TV Screen is the Most Expensive to Fix?

LED television screens are the most expensive ones out of the list. In fact, the cost of replacing a cracked LED screen would be around 90%-95% of the brand new cost of the entire television. You will not be able to repair a cracked LED screen and you will have to replace it.

If you have a cracked LED screen, you should not think about replacing it. Instead, you can purchase a new one or check out for your store brought insurance, home insurance policy or manufacturer’s warranty.

The LCD television screens can be repaired through a simple mechanism. The repairing process involves fitting in a plastic screen in between the glass sections. If the plastic screen has gone through a fracture, it is possible to repair it at a minor price. In case if the LCD part is damaged, the price of repairing could go beyond $400.

When it comes to Plasma televisions, the repairing cost would depend on the extent of the fracture. If it is a deep one, the cost would be extremely high. In that kind of a situation, you can think of purchasing a new television instead of repairing.

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