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Ten Common Television Problems

TV can be a complex piece of equipment, there are many things that can go wrong, it depends on the overall brand and model. With frequent use, it is common to need the occasional tv repair Santa Ana CA.

Sometimes the problem can be simply a loose connection to be reconnected, or quite complicated, which require the attention of professionals.

So what tv repair Santa Ana CA can you do, if your tv stops functioning?

Professionals are being consulted on a daily basis with respect to common television problems.

Here’s  TV 10 most common problems:

  1. The channel does not change, and there is one channel available

This means that the TV is switched to “air.” All you need to do is to automatically program your TV or access the menu options, and reset your Television mode cable.

  1. The black box blocks the image on your TV screen

If this occurs, it shows that your television set has changed to terminated mode setting. To change this situation, just go to your menu and closed terminated caption setting.

  1. The TV stopped working

This occurs when there is a loose connection at the back of your Television set, often as a result of  children or pets playing. If liquid of any kind is on your TV, we recommend that you disable all power around the device, unplug the power cord, take it as soon as possible so that we can assess and fix the problem.

  1. The image is covered with snow

First and foremost, check that everything is properly connected between TV and the power supply. If so, you can get in touch with your satellite provider as their service may be bad. Most of the time, you can get the relevant information on their website.

  1. The specific channel cannot be accessed

This could mean there is setting or password which prevent you from accessing the channel. You should be able to obtain the password from the default password Session menu.

  1. The remote control does not work

If you could turn ON your TV and change the channels, you just need to change replace the batteries of  the remote control battery.

  1. The TV will not turn

Some TV will automatically shut down, and there are different configurations to power them. Check the back of the TV to see if there is a “TURN ON switch.”

  1. Volume jumped up and down between TV channels

TV channels have different operation sound level. Some TVs have Dolby technology installed to regulate this.

  1. There is no sound of some channels or in another language

The device can be configured in SAP. Go to your menu, and adjust the audio standard or normal stereo.

  1. This is not a strange disappearance of a background image

This is commonly referred to as aging. This occurs when a fixed image appears on the TV for a few hours. When you do not watch TV, make sure your TV screen is off.

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