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Why does my TV turn off by itself?

If your television turns off by itself when you are watching it can be frustrating. Does your television turn off by itself frequently? Here is a list of the most prominent reasons why televisions turn off by themselves.

TV Shuts Off


You can simply go through these reasons and figure out what’s the specific cause behind your issue.

  1. Is the timer on – Almost all the televisions are equipped with a built-in timer, which can be set to turn it off at a specific time. If you have turned on the timer accidentally, your television would turn off itself. Therefore, it is better to check whether timer is the reason for your TV to turn off by itself or not. In order to do that, you can press the MENU button on remote and enter the SETUP. Then you can locate the TIMER and check whether it is switched off or not. If not, you should turn it off and save the settings.
  2. Are you using a Satellite Box or Cable Box – Sometimes, your television might seem to turn off by itself because of the issues in your SAT box. Therefore, you should check whether your SAT box is functioning properly or not. It should be turned on and all the signal cables should be properly connected to the television. You can verify this by pressing the guide/info button of your cable box or sat box remote. Once you press it, the guide data should be displayed on the television screen.
  3. Are you using the TV as a computer monitor – If you are using the television as a computer monitor, it would go into the standby mode when your computer goes to sleep. In that kind of a situation, you will be able to wake up the computer with your mouse. Or else, you might have created the settings in your computer to turn off the monitor automatically after some time. Therefore, you should check the settings via Control Panel and see whether there is any issue.
  4. Check power supply – As you already know, televisions draw a considerable amount of energy and in case of a power interruption, it would turn off by itself. Therefore, you need to check whether the electricity supply to your television is inconsistent or not. Sometimes, you might discover issues in your home’s electrical system. You will be able to fix the television by repairing all those issues related to the electrical system. It is better to have a look at the power cables as well.
  5. Faulty on/off switch – In some cases, issues in the on/off switch of your television could make it turn off on its own. This issue is prominent among televisions that have capacitive touch switches. The poorly designed circuits in these televisions could pick up nearly electronic noise as fault inputs. Therefore, you need to get it checked by a professional TV service provider.

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